A Standing Desk For The Mobile Office

Recent research has repeatedly shown that standing is healthier than sitting. Standing encourages fidgeting and movement which enhances blood flow. Better circulation helps prevent disease and distributes oxygen more efficiently, which can fight fatigue and make people feel more energized. In addition to more movement and better circulation standing also burns more calories than sitting (about 300 more during the average eight-hour workday). One of the biggest chunks of time spent sitting is during the typical eight-hour work day. Incorporating more movement throughout the office employee’s workday can improve their overall health and happiness.

To incorporate more standing and movement in one’s day, many office workers in Belgium have switched either full-time or part-time to a standing desk. A standing desk is commonly a cumbersome and expensive investment. Traditional are similar to full-size office furniture and are as portable as a ton of bricks. They are large pieces of furniture that once purchased rarely move from their setup location. Moving these traditional can be quite difficult. Another common weak point in traditional is that they often only elevate the entire desk surface. These up/down desks do not improve the standing posture because they typically don’t elevate materials to eye-level. This causes people to hunch over books, documents, and screens while standing – which is of course not beneficial to your back or long-term health.

A portable standing desk is a good choice for workers that move offices frequently or work from multiple office locations. These portable stands typically elevate desktop monitors and screens to make standing more comfortable. Product flexibility and adjustability are the key attributes of a useful portable standing desk. A standing desk that can move with you is a great idea for people that frequently work from different locations. Many of these ergonomic tables can support both laptop and desktop computers.

For completely mobile workers or those of us that spend most of our time on laptops, standing more frequently is simplified with the use of a portable standing laptop desk. There are several varieties of Best Standing Desk Belgium to choose from. If you prefer to type directly on your laptop, look for a simple portable standing laptop desk that elevates laptops and also has a panel to adjust the screen angle. If you prefer to use a laptop with a separate keyboard and mouse pad, opt for a portable standing laptop desk that will both elevate your laptop to eye-level and provide an additional secure platform to support your laptop and mouse. Using a separate keyboard can be a good idea for laptop users as most laptop keyboards are too small and promote the unnatural, inward shoulder rotation. Also, the use of a separate keyboard can allow users to elevate laptops to a higher, more natural position that promotes proper standing posture.

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